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Twilight Complete Series. Topics Twilight saga, all parts. Collectionopensource. LanguageEnglish. Twilight Saga. IdentifierBook3Eclipse. Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for The Twilight Saga: "Meyer has, like one of her vampires, turned into something rare and more than merely human. Read "The Twilight Saga Complete Collection" by Stephenie Meyer available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. This stunning.

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Twilight Ebook Complete Series

The Twilight Saga Complete Collection (The Twilight Saga series) by Stephenie Meyer. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. The Twilight Saga has 17 entries in the series. Twilight Saga (Series). Stephenie Meyer Author (). cover image of The Twilight Saga Complete Collection. The Twilight Saga Complete Collection book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This stunning set, complete with five editio.

Main article: Twilight Meyer novel Bella Swan moves from Phoenix, Arizona to live with her father in Forks, Washington to allow her mother to travel with her new husband, a minor league baseball player. After moving to Forks, Bella finds herself involuntarily drawn to a mysterious, handsome boy, Edward Cullen and eventually learns that he is a member of a vampire family which drinks animal blood rather than human blood. Edward and Bella fall in love, while James, a sadistic vampire from another coven, is drawn to hunt down Bella. Edward and the other Cullens defend Bella. She escapes to Phoenix, where she is tricked into confronting James, who tries to kill her. She is seriously wounded, but Edward rescues her and they return to Forks. Bella goes into a depression until she develops a strong friendship with Jacob Black , who she discovers can shape-shift into a wolf. Jacob and the other wolves in his tribe must protect her from Victoria, a vampire seeking to avenge the death of her mate James. Due to a misunderstanding, Edward believes Bella is dead. Edward decides to commit suicide in Volterra , Italy , but is stopped by Bella, who is accompanied by Edward's sister, Alice. They meet with the Volturi , a powerful vampire coven, and are released only on the condition that Bella be turned into a vampire in the near future. Bella and Edward are reunited, and she and the Cullens return to Forks. Eclipse Main article: Eclipse Meyer novel Victoria has created an army of "newborn" vampires to battle the Cullen family and murder Bella for revenge. Meanwhile, Bella is compelled to choose between her relationship with Edward and her friendship with Jacob. Edward's vampire family and Jacob's werewolf pack join forces to successfully destroy Victoria and her vampire army.

I have plenty of other reasons as to why I enjoyed this series and here they are. And the concept that vampires would not be all bad, but some would try to uphold some normalcy to their existence by striving to 'not be' monsters. I know tons of people see him as obsessive and possessive, but for one thing Stephenie Meyer establishes this as being a 'vampire' trait that exists amongst all vampires: they need to mate for life, it's in their nature. Grey, I hardly see what the issue with Edward ever was.

He would have let Bella go had she chosen differently, but admittedly he would have loved her always regardless. Plus, I mean: Robert Pattinson!

The Twilight Saga Complete Collection by Stephenie Meyer

I love the danger that comes with Edward and I love the fact that he's from a different time. It makes him so mysterious, the way he speaks plus the huge secret he's keeping. He's by far the more swoon-worthy male lead I've ever read about.

Especially when you add Midnight Sun to the mix an really get a sense of understanding as to what his character was really experiencing an thinking when her first meets Bella. I find her extremely relatable, being that I was an awkward, clumsy, low self-esteem brunette myself in high school.

I also disagree with many people who see her as setting the feminist movement back. Again, I'll bring up Midnight Sun where we clearly see that Edward feels the exact same way about Bella. So how can it be anti-feminist if both parties feel the same way? Is Edward anti-masculinist? Edward sacrificed a great deal to keep her alive and safe. And I don't see Bella's choices as being much of a sacrifice. I mean she lived in the desert and she was ice-pale!?

This book had a few more twists and turns and is able to go into so much more depth due to the background knowledge of the first 2 books. Book 4: By far the best of the 4 books. Felt more lengthy compared to the first 3 with so much more story packed into the book. This book could easily have been split into two. Probably why the movie was split into two parts. They read my mind. More character development and some twists and turns.

Jan 23, Ivana rated it it was amazing Shelves: Nothing beats the amazing franchise that is The Twilight Saga. Though we all have an image of what Edward and Bella look like if we were to read it now but it still doesn't take away from the glorious vampiric world that Stephenie Meyer created. However there are a select group out there who read this before the big film adaptations came along. Before the days of Pattinson and Stewart and Lautner. Before Team Edward and Team Jacob though that was around in its own way.

The beauty of reading it b Nothing beats the amazing franchise that is The Twilight Saga. The beauty of reading it before the casting was you had your own idea of what the characters looked like and that is the great thing about books. You have your imagination to take you into these worlds. For me, I was entranced from Page of 1 of the first Twilight book about this meek, clumsy girl named Bella told in first perspective so I immediately projected myself into Bella and saw the world through her eyes and the day she encountered that mysterious and charming man that would change her life forever.

The beautiful Edward Cullen. The journey of these two through four books and the supporting characters is just phenomenal and I loved it. Not a bad word about any of the books.

Though I was greatly saddened to see the end and to read the last ever page. It was like taking a long awaited breath and seeing the rollarcoaster ride you took. It was sad to end but it was time. So if you haven't read it, shame on you. Though these days I think they are a rare breed ; particularly if you happen to be a fan of Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart or Taylor Lautner. My brain has been a bit burnt out recently, so I felt like reading something a bit lighter, and I was curious about the Twilight Saga having heard a great deal about the sexual connotations of the vampire narratives and the link to preservation of virginity movements in the USA.

The books were jolly good page turners. I initially thought that it was interesting how Bella was presented as just an ordinary teenage girl with nothing really special about her. The best bits of the books were linked t My brain has been a bit burnt out recently, so I felt like reading something a bit lighter, and I was curious about the Twilight Saga having heard a great deal about the sexual connotations of the vampire narratives and the link to preservation of virginity movements in the USA.

The best bits of the books were linked to mythology and Native American legends; these stories were very compelling. Edward is the gallant hero who must exercise self-control, an old fashioned figure from another age, but there is something rather disturbing about the potential that he always has to hurt Bella.

This is a little reminiscent of the old myth about domestic violence - "he never meant to hurt me" - which is brought out disturbingly when Bella and Edward finally have sex in the final book, Breaking Dawn.

There are many examples like this throughout the saga, e. Bella punches Jacob and breaks her hand. The threat of violence and violation seems to crop up a great deal in the books from the first novel where Bella is nearly raped by a group of human men, to the rape revenge story of the vampire Rosalie's origins. Oct 09, Shawna Scott rated it liked it. The Twilight Saga is undeniably one of my guilty pleasures. I know there are many people out there who have called the entire saga stupid, and there are many parts of each of these books and especially the movies where I could see where they were coming from.

But it is entertaining, and kind of romantic. I think Breaking Dawn is the very best of the four volumes, and Renesmee, the daughter of The Twilight Saga is undeniably one of my guilty pleasures.

I think Breaking Dawn is the very best of the four volumes, and Renesmee, the daughter of Edward and Bella, is a cute little half-human, half vampire kid. Vampire Bella, as opposed to human Bella is also pretty intense.

The Twilight Saga, while not a thing to be taken seriously and will never be as good a fantasy tale as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or the Chronicles of Narnia , is still an entertaining wish fulfillment saga with a supernatural twist, which is just what it's supposed to be.

Mar 14, Nyanya rated it did not like it.

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I tore through this series in sixth grade, ignoring awful aspects, so I could squeal about how great it was. I reread afterwards and felt incredibly stupid.

Her writing is not nearly at the level I appreciate most and I felt guilty for calling her amazing. I could rant about her needing to go back to school to learn how to use proper imagery, being contradicting, and favoring emotionally abusive relationships Yes, I count being constantly told by the 'love of your life' that you're not wanted a I tore through this series in sixth grade, ignoring awful aspects, so I could squeal about how great it was.

I could rant about her needing to go back to school to learn how to use proper imagery, being contradicting, and favoring emotionally abusive relationships Yes, I count being constantly told by the 'love of your life' that you're not wanted as emotionally abusive , but it's kind of a waste of my time. The love-sick fans will probably get all pissy at me, others may or may not understand until they read it themselves, and I can't force people to change their opinions.

Because after all, all these reviews are opinions and those should be respected even if one disagrees. Apr 18, Lulu Obaditch rated it really liked it Shelves: Set in rainy Forks, Washington, this book is all but boring. Stephenie Meyer paints a beautiful scene for the reader throughout these amazing four books.

While some may think that the idea of a vampire, human, werewolf love story is ridiculous, this is worth reading. Meyer has created a wonderful and thrilling love story, while also making it interesting and original. After you Set in rainy Forks, Washington, this book is all but boring.

After you start reading the first book, you want to know more about Bella, Edward, Jacob, and the Cullen family. I love the way Meyer introduces the characters their backstories, gifts, and personalities. I felt that it was an easy read, while still having an exciting plot line. I'll be honest.

I read these books because my daughter and my students were reading it and I like to be able to intelligently converse with them about things that are important to them. Remember,that Edward and the I'll be honest.

Remember,that Edward and the Cullens are "good" and don't seek to harm humans at all. Jun 08, Caitlin Jane rated it did not like it. Promotes domestic abuse: May 15, Alli rated it it was amazing. Excellent series! One of my favorites.

So much better than the movies. Jul 07, Joolissa rated it it was ok Shelves: I finally broke down and read the series If I hadn't seen the terrible movies first I probably would have read them sooner. The movies are sooooo much worse and I'll admit that I read it straight through and then promptly turned back to book 1 read the whole series again a second time.

I also read all of the extras and the unfinished bit of her re-write of the first book from Edwards perspective, which is better than the original!

The books get progressively better Twilight The books get progressively better in quality from The first two generally drive me insane and the last two I like better, the writing does improve as well, but it isn't even as good as Rowling. I think she's better than Paolini's first book or two, but his writing improved as well. Unfortunately the series ends feeling rather unfinished, kind of as if Rowling had ended HP on the 5th or 6th book and Meyer's is being a bit of a jerk about not finishing the rewrite of the first book ala Edward POV because it was leaked.

All her diehard fans are chomping at the bit to download it and she's whining about it being leaked! But I digress. The concepts in Twilight are interesting, well at least some of them.

I enjoyed the different, species of vampires the Romanians vs. Jacob was nice when he wasn't being really annoying. I enjoyed Renesme and all that. I like the conflict between the different powers in the vampire world, etc, but all of that is offset by horribly annoying things.

Myers has huge theory holes that bug the crap out of me, such as if they can't wear contacts very long because their tears dissolve the contacts and generally all bodily fluids have some sort of toxicity then how things like kissing, and That's only one example too. I'd have to keep a running tally as I read to get them all down, but this is something I nit pick about when I read. As for the relationship betwteen Bella and Edwards, that's what really gets me because it's freaking ridiculous!

And it's teaching young susuptible girls that, among other things, a guy who breaks into your room to watch you sleep is romantic. Really that's what bugs me about the series the most is that Edward's and Bella's and even Jacob's behavior is not only really annoying and unrealistic, but it's now what every Twilight Tweenie Bopper fan and some ladies too want.

I know some people disagree with me on that, heck I disagree with people that Harry Potter is going to turn the younger generation to Satanism, but it's a lot easier for someone to "fall in love" with a controlling stalker than it is for them to get into real black magic.

However, I don't think it'd be a problem for those who have a firm grasp on what is fantasy and how stupid, detrimental, and dangerous some of the behavior in this book would be in real life. Still, for all it's faults, the book plays straight to those deep dark or not so deep and dark fantasies and day dreams that girls have and perhaps some guys too and that makes the whole thing a lot like crack.

That's what it really is, emotional crack. What girl hasn't thought herself the Plain Jane and dreamed of a handsom boy who has a dark side but is really sweet finding her and becoming utterly devoted to her? That's what Twilight's basic premis is. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy when the vampires aren't ripping each other apart and it makes you sigh wistfully and cry a time or two when you're not laughing your head off because Meyers once again used the phrase "alabaster brow" which for me conjures up visions of Anne of Green Gable's ridiculous stories about Counts and Damsels!

So in summary Twilight is crack and you're either an open addict, a closet addict, a recreational user, a guilty pleasure user, or a hater. I fall somewhere between guilty pleasure and hater, but most times I play on the Team Wooden Steak side since most everybody drools over it and thinks it's so serious. I also have a bit of a grudge against it because it has forever ruined the names Edward and Jacob, both of which I adore and can no longer really use for any pets or kids or characters of my own.

Dec 25, Sally rated it really liked it.

Phoenix girl Bella moves to Forks in Washington state to live with her divorced dad. Falls in love with Edward who she discovers is a vampire. I had a hard time with this book, it was easy to read, but I did not like the weak female lead Bella who had to be saved numerous times contrasted with the super-everything-vampire.

Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)

To be fair, the idea of turning the vampire myths on its head was great! So while not the best book in the series, I didn't dislike it enough to make me stop 1 - Twilight. So while not the best book in the series, I didn't dislike it enough to make me stop reading! Edward's vampire family puts Bella in danger so he decides to leave. Bella is befriended by Jacob who it turns out is a werewolf - the sworn enemy of vampires.

Conceptually the problem for me with this novel is two-fold. First, that someone has a secret and Bella has to use her wits to figure it out herself sort of like Book 1 but with Jacob instead of Edward. It felt like a repeat to me. Secondly, that she would put herself in danger just to "hear" Edwards voice, it was difficult to accept.

I think the last section of the book with the Volturi was very entertaining and redeemed the book in my eyes. Jacob and Edward team up to protect Bella against a common enemy - a vampire who wants to take revenge on Edward for killing her mate, by killing Bella. I found this book entertaining because it showed up some of the rivalry between Jacob and Edward for Bella's affections and how they worked together for Bella. I enjoyed this book more than the first two, and by this time, I accepted the fact that Edward was so noble.

Bella also has a special ability as a vampire and is able to protect her family. I enjoyed the wrapup to the series immensely. However, the series had a happy ending. While no literary series, the story was very entertaining.

In hindsight, adult me finds it hard to stomach a female protagonist who gets into trouble all the time and has to be saved.

Twilight Complete Series

And by the way, I don't how many ways there are to say someone is perfect Edward , but the author sure tried. May 03, Jana rated it did not like it Shelves: Anything that gets people to read more is a plus for me. This is my brief opinion over the four books, which I've combined here I could discuss them in more depth, but I'm behind on my reviews, so I'll keep it short.

This is just my opinion. This more or less applies to the series as a whole. I had no idea what I was getting into when I picked up this plotless book full of stereotypes particularly the character that represents the author herself. If vampires are so good and sparkly, why wouldn't everyone that knows about them want to be turned into a vampire?

Edward hints at a reason in the first book or two possible loss of soul but it's never followed through. So what is the downside?

Why not rid the world of the human race and all be sparkly vampires or werewolves or some type of bizarre hybrid. So unless you are of the werewolf tribe, why not be turned? Super strength, beauty, poise and grace, etc --Plus they get supernatural powers! Yes, I've read the entire series mainly to know what my students were reading, but also to see just how bad it would get.

The second one when Edward leaves over a papercut taught me I, a female, am nothing without a man, particularly one that sneaks in and just watches me sleep. After Nessie is born, it seems like Bella and Edward are too busy with, uhm, recreational activities to take care of her. So I guess being a nanny is the sole point of Rosalie's character other than to be one more person that is jealous of special snowflake Bella and to be a mate for an irresistible Cullen.

Let's gather everyone for a giant battle that, rather anticlimactically, never takes place. To show how special Bella is, I guess. That was certainly a unique way to solve a love triangle without any long term broken hearts. I've read a lot, and I can't say I've seen that one used before. Sep 24, Megan rated it it was amazing.

The entire Twilight Saga was a great series. My favorite was the first book because it is all about how they met and I just find it the most interesting. I think the theme throughout all of the books was love and sacrafice. Of course in each book they have other small themes.

In the first book one theme would be everlasting love, because Bella falls in love with Edward even though he is a vampire. And in the third book a theme could be Good vs Bad because the Cullens try to kill all the bad vamp The entire Twilight Saga was a great series. And in the third book a theme could be Good vs Bad because the Cullens try to kill all the bad vampires. I think the subject of the book was to show that anyone can fall in love.

I think that Stephanie Meyer wrote this book because she wanted to write a love story but with an unusual twist. It was mainly to entertain. These books were an overall success because they have been made into million dollar movies and are a household name.

I think Stephanie Meyer is a great author. I don't believe she has written any other books but I know as a matter of fact that they would be good. She has great abilities as an author. She uses great discription. She uses foreshadowing and she even leaves you hanging a couple of times. According to some reviews of her books people say that her books are highly entertaing and that it is very easy to become engrossed in them. When you start reading them you completely forget about what's going on around you and just want to finish the book.

It is also so intriguing because it is not your typical love story. It is between two different creatures. People also like how it is always in a first person point of view. All together I thouroly enjoyed this book series and would read anything like it again. I most definitely reccomend it if your are the kind of person who likes a mix between love stories and a little something extra. Jul 27, Rachel rated it it was ok.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Apr 08, Hannah rated it really liked it. I loved reading these books! I had meant to read them way before the movie buzz started but I never did. I finally read them all after the first movie came out. I read them so fast I can't even believe it. I know there are a lot of criticisms of Meyers Vamps, but I love the characters and the developments of each of them.

I love Edward for his flaws and his attributes, and I appreciate that Meyers created a man for modern men to live up to. Men can bash him for being too perfect or being soft, b I loved reading these books! Men can bash him for being too perfect or being soft, but this is what girls want at least a majority of them. I respect the ideals of virginity and marriage so much, props to Meyers.

Still, I think that the books could have been achieved with far less trees executed. They were just too long and consequently almost taken far too seriously. I think they would have been more more commendable if they had been condensed and spared us of the long drawn out whining of any of the characters from Edward to Jacob. I think I may have to read them again to try to sort out my opinions on each, but overall I liked them a lot. I loved The Host though, far more than Twilight Saga.

Also I did not yet read Bree Tanner yet, but I plan to. Apr 04, Lasaki Redbird rated it it was ok. I can understand the fact why author made the lead girl so lame and a person who is not mixing and wants to hide from the world, but then making every guy after her? Then again, Bella has a great boy friend, wait for it Oct 31, Crystal Smith rated it liked it. Twilight totally changed my life. Please don't quote me because that sounded pretty stupid. But before Twilight, vampires had a cape and chased Scooby-Doo around, ya know?

And look at the effect it had, there are like millions of more vampire stories being written because of this series. But after seeing to many interviews or Rob Patti Twilight totally changed my life.

But after seeing to many interviews or Rob Pattinson trash talk Edward, I did take a step back. The way Bella goes on and on about him, come on!! I read Breaking Dawn the day it was released and felt like it belonged to a different book series.

I felt it was rushed and had to much happening to fast. It had a major cultural impact, no lie, and it's not trash but o. Apr 08, Kris Purtle rated it really liked it. Although I'm not sure that this is the best written story, it is still a good read. While I find Bella to be such a wimp, and so in need of a man, at such a young age, it is still a beautiful story of love.

Such a triangle of love, as young Bella is torn between two men, who wrap her into a world of the supernatural. She's in love with Edward, the vampire, and can't seem to be able to live without him. But, she's also in love with Jacob, the wolf. Though, her love for him isn't like her love for Although I'm not sure that this is the best written story, it is still a good read. Though, her love for him isn't like her love for Edward. My biggest grip about this whole saga is the imprinting on a baby.

I know that it isn't sexual, in nature, but it still felt wrong to have the story go in that direction. Though, it was the one way to keep Jacob in Bella's life, forever. To allow their friendship to continue, without all the hurt and drama. I have read MANY fanfiction stories, from the Twilight series, and have found several to actually be better written than the original by Stephenie Meyer.

Mar 12, Madison rated it really liked it.