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Borstal Boy is a autobiographical book by Brendan Behan. The story depicts a young, fervently idealistic Behan, who loses his naïveté over the three years. Borstal Boy (Nonpareil Books) [Brendan Behan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This miracle of autobiography and prison literature . Borstal Boy (): Brendan Behan: Books.

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Borstal Boy Book

Borstal Boy book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Once banned in the Irish Republic, Borstal Boy is both a riveting self-portrait and a Without a doubt the most important book of its kind published this century. Mar 2, Borstal Boy by Brendan Behan is a book that I've meant to read for a long time, and I finally got around to it last year. My main interest in.

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Book Review: Borstal Boy

Reading his life story, it seems that Catholicism became more important to him as he deteriorated into alcoholism and bad health, and that he disliked excessive criticism of the Church. On the other hand, Anthony Cronin in his excellent book Dead as Doornails describes Behan, before his success, having a strong animus against Catholicism. Despite being in the IRA, Behan seems to extend this rather detached attitude towards his nationalism, too.

When he is tried for his crime, he delivers a speech full of Irish republican rhetoric, but only to irritate the judge. As he explains to the reader: This attitude of flippancy pervades the entire book. Behan is willing to mock, not only religion, but his own nationalist beliefs.

He shows disdain for solemnity here, as elsewhere: Indeed, throughout the book, Behan represents himself as sharing the coarse humour and language of the other prisoners. A fellow Irish republican prisoner who is also excommunicated, but remains pious nonetheless expresses his disdain for such behaviour to Behan, at one point: I felt that the audiences were trying to maintain a standard, while the intelligentsia were trying to dispense with a standard, and that the former effort was intrinsically nobler.

Puritanism is harder than liberalism, and more easily lost. This often gives me a different attitude to some of my colleagues in my workplace. Even rules that seem arbitrary have this benefit; that they create an atmosphere of respect.

They make the situation special, distinctive, creating a mental boundary between one place and another, or one time and another. The Behan attitude towards Irish nationalism seems to have become popular, especially via its influence on Shane MaGowan of the Pogues.

That is, Irish nationalism allied with a kind of anarchism; rules and conventions are to be despised, irreverence is the order of the day, and nothing should be taken too seriously. Behan inherited a tradition of Irish cultural nationalism because other people, who came before him, took it seriously. The process allowed illustrations to more closely resemble the original drawings, paintings or sketches, as it gave the lithographer a freedom of line impossible to achieve in earlier intaglio and relief processes.

It does not require the same sort of pressure as an engraving to transfer the image, but still has to be printed on separate stock from the text Marginalia Handwritten notes made in the margins by a previous owner.

Not uncommon in older, larger books, it is not considered a defect, so long as all integral leaves are present. Morocco Binding material made from goatskin—versatile, durable, with a distinctive pebbled texture and visible grain.

Borstal Boy by Brendan Behan

So-called because much of the raw material originally came from the tanneries of North Africa other types of goatskin bindings denoting regions of origin include levant, turkey, niger. Offset The unintended transfer of ink from one printed page to an adjacent page. The term implies that the binding is modern, or recent, unless otherwise specified. Plate Full-page illustration printed separately from but bound with the text.

Point Variation in text, illustration, design or format that allows a bibliographer to distinguish between different editions and different printings of the same edition, or between different states or issues of the same printing.

ISBN 13: 9783596222124

Presentation Copy Book given as a gift by its author, illustrator or publisher. Sometimes refers to a volume given by a notable donor. Provenance History of a particular copy of a book. Raised Bands Horizontal protruding strips found on the spine of a book. Reback To supply a worn binding with a new spine, usually made of the same material as the rest of the binding and decorated to match.

Borstal Boy

Recto The front side of a leaf. Uncut When the edges of the text block most apparent at the fore and lower edges have not been trimmed to a uniform size, and are therefore characterized by a ragged or deckle edge. A book may be uncut but opened—i.

Unopened When the folds of the sheets of paper making up the text block have not been trimmed away or opened with a paper-knife. While this makes it impossible to read all of the pages, it also indicates a probability that the text block has not been altered since leaving the printer.

Vellum Binding material made from specially treated calfskin—durable, with a distinctive ivory color and smooth appearance. Can be tooled in gilt or blind. So-called Japan vellum or Japon is a type of thick paper that has been polished smooth and given a glossy finish to resemble vellum. Verso The back or reverse side of a leaf or page. The woodblock, or multiple blocks, can be fit into the page along with the type, allowing text and illustrations to be printed in the same print run and share the same page not possible with engravings, which require thicker, damp paper and much more force; nor with lithographs, which require a different printing process altogether.

Woodcuts preceded moveable type and are the earliest known printing technology. Wood-Engraving Engraving made with the graver or burin on the cross-section of a piece of boxwood; the harder wood and finer tools allow for more delicate, finely detailed images, while the block can still be set in the page alongside text and printed on the same stock as the text.

While much older, wood engravings enjoyed an important renaissance in the late eighteenth century through Thomas Bewick and continued in popularity thorugh the nineteenth century. Main articles: Borstal Boy play and Borstal Boy film. A Prison Masterpiece". The Glasgow Herald.

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